Übersetzungsdienst Elena Tyukavkina
Übersetzungen und Dolmetschen Russisch 

Beglaubigte Übersetzungen Russisch / Deutsch, Dolmetschen Russisch / Deutsch in München und Bayern
Заверенные переводы русский / немецкий, устные переводы русский / немецкий в Мюнхене и Баварии

Your translator and interpreter in Munich and in Bavaria

Certified translations from German / English into Russian or from Russian into German

Professional translations and interpreting German/ English – Russian  

As a certified translator for the Russian language I offer the following service:

* Certified translations from German into Russian and vice versa of

- Certificates (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.)

- Documents (diplomas, school reports, court decisions, etc.)

- Contracts

Professional translations in German – Russian – English in the following fields:

- Economics, commerce, finance
- Advertising (translation of advertising leaflets and websites)
- Culture, teaching
- Philology, education
- Literature
- Mass media and arts
- Politics
- Law
- Environment
- Sports, leisure, travelling
- Medicine
- Technology
- Other fields on request

* Interpreting in German - Russian in Munich and Bavaria during negotiations, trade fairs and conferences, in hospitals or registry offices.

More about my service and prices you will find here: Leistungen and Preise.

You can also call me or send an email with a copy of the documents you need to have translated: Kontakt / Impressum